You can add me if you want but I don't update anymore. I just have this journal to read/post in communities.


I'm moved into my new house and although we still have a lot of stuff to do it's awesome. I can do WHATEVER I WANT. Looove. I go to work earlier than I thought I did today so I need to go take a shower. I just wanted to post because I realized it is the 25th birthday of someone I love. :) ♥

things i want/need for the house.

- a globe of some sort. light up, or a big one that opens up into a bar, or just a regular one, whatever. i want a globe.
- A DESK. wooden. white or a dark wood stain. fancy gold handles are good but handles can be replaced so nbd.
- a vanity, or some sort of thing with drawers that i can put things on and put lots of things in. i would like it to fit perfectly between my closets.
- a big piece of art, or a series, to put above the fireplace. or some sort of fancy mirror(s).
- rails, slats, and a boxspring for my bed.
- flour, sugar, salt etc jars. little jars for spices and such would be good too.
- screen for the fireplace.
- some sort of set of furniture for the backyard. a big tent? a table with an umbrella? idk. to be decided later.
- THIS is my ABSOLUTE DREAM coffee table book omfg

sweetie, tell me what's up

txt msg

Josh: are you back! i been knockin all day :P
Me: Yeah! Come visit meee
Josh: im out for a moment. where will you be?
Me: In my room like a bum :(
Josh: at least your not locked out... or have a headache.
Me: Are you one or both of those things?
Josh: no. just sayin, that would make it worse.
Me: Yeah, that's pretty true. I'm also not a polar bear...they're endangered.
Josh: and live in the snow :/